We are helping households recover from financial stress.

Many Central Victorians are struggling with money and can't afford to buy enough food for their household. Bendigo Community Food Pantry gives people who are finding things tough FOUR FREE FOOD ORDERS to temporarily reduce their living costs and help them get back on their feet.

Food orders are made up to suit your needs from what we have available, and can include things like rice, lentils, bread, fruit, vegetables, and frozen meals. The food is simple, healthy and nutritious. Much of it is donated, but still completely edible stock from supermarkets, food producers and farms.

Volunteers at Bendigo Foodshare and local services collect and sort the food and provide it free for anyone doing it tough in our community. Food can be ordered by completing our online form.

If you require food assistance, you can contact one of the organisations of the food relief network.

CLICK HERE for the complete list of food relief providers.